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Michael Olajide started boxing at the ripe age of 9 years old.  Intimidate by school bullies, a friend of his family suggested that he learn how to box.  Taking on this pugilistic solution at an early age was not easy.  Michael started his day at 5:30 a.m. working in a brick factory.  By 11:00 a.m. and 1,000 bricks later, he would then walk to school where he was a diligent student.  After school, he went to the boxing gym where he learned his future craft. 

When asked whether the bullies at his school continued to harass him after he learned how to box, he replied, "all you needed was one good fight, and be known as a good fighter and puncher and nobody would want to mess with you.

From age 9 to 16, he perfected and established the foundation of his future boxing career and legacy.

After turning 16, he was sent to the UK to box.  During this period, he became the West African Featherweight camp.  In the UK, he boxed in the Lightweight Division where he associated himself with Israel Boyle, Kid Basey, and Al King.  His punching power became so popular that he was invited to exhibit his knockout talent at the Boston Garden, USA.  Naturally, during this period, he also visited NYC where he fell in love with the big apple, determined to return one day to make it his home.

Michael Olajide founded Kingsway Gym so that anyone can experience the sport of boxing in a friendly and safe environment.  As a formerly ranked boxer and Nigerian Lightweight Champion with 76 professional bouts under his belt, he trained boxers of every level, from actors and recreational boxers to world-class amateurs and professional fighters.

When you enter Kingsway gym and walk up the wood stairway, the first thing you notice is the smell of adrenalin causing you to pump-up and bring to life your own passive muscular reflexes in preparation for a vigorous workout.  As you look around you're immediately taken and visually aroused by the variety of boxing pictures, logos, and a collage of high-impact fight scenes that symbolize championship and honor of days gone by.  Each step you take along the narrow corridor filled with boxing memorabilia prepares you from the final entrance, a glass door once opened, readily transforms the warriors spirit within you.  And you hear the ominous sound of "let's get ready to rumble!"